Junior ESOL Immersion

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs E. Gillyon

The Junior Immersion course offers up to 12 hours of English language support for junior students who have entered the college with little or no English. Language acquisition is supported through the exploration of different topics and language skills. A team of teachers pitch these lessons in a carefully scaffolded manner, striving to cater to specific student needs. Students will access concepts and language from core areas of the New Zealand curriculum such as Maths, Science and English. They are also provided with units of work and projects which allow them to explore media, film, music, poetry and art. 

When students have reached a level of English which allows them to participate in mainstream lessons, including asking and answering questions, they transition to an ESOL class and a standard junior timetable. This course has proven to be very effective over the past several years, and students have seen marked and measurable improvement in both their written and spoken English. This course is now a key element in helping new former refugee, migrant and international students to integrate with the wider school.