Year 10 Food Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms H. Weaver

Recommended Prior Learning

There is no recommended prior learning.

In this course students will develop their knowledge and practical skills in food planning and preparation, creative thinking, team work and the ability to manage resources. Students will gain an appreciation of the skills required to enter the food and hospitality industry plus gain an understanding of the procedures involved in the production of food at home.

Course Overview

Term 1
Food Safety/kitchen hygiene
Using a variety of kitchen equipment
Knife skills - safe use of a knife, sharpening and storage
History of different foods/International dishes
Baking - understanding baking techniques and skills
Science behind baking
Products used in baking

Term 2
Understanding a variety of pastry products
Creating pastry dishes
Using eggs as a versatile meal
Creating egg dishes
Nutritional value of food products
Creating edible wrapped foods
Cooking with rice/noodles and pasta
Creating pasta dishes

Learning Areas:

Year 10 Option Subjects (Half or full year courses), Technology


Level 1 Food and Hospitality

Food and Hospitality learning could lead to a variety of career pathways in Cookery, Food and Beverage, and Nutrition.

Career Pathways

Cook, Baker, Butcher, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Kitchenhand, Chef, Dietitian