Year 10 Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr D. Stuart

Year 10 Science continues to develop the skills that were introduced in Year 9 that foster curiosity and an understanding of relationships in the natural and physical world. The focus is on students appreciating that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge is based on evidence and logical argument. Students continue to develop awareness of working scientifically by carrying out investigations, developing and using models, and identifying patterns and trends related to biological, chemical and physical processes. A variety of contexts from everyday life are used to encourage all students to become scientifically literate problem-solvers.

Student learning will be achieved via practical experiments, individual and group research and hands-on activities. Topics explore Geology, Body Systems, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Reproduction and Electricity through a variety of contexts.

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Learning Areas:

Year 10 Compulsory Subjects, Science


Level 1 Applied Science, Level 1 Science, Level 1 Science Extension