Level 2 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Moran

Recommended Prior Learning

12 Level 1 Drama credits but this is not an essential requirement.

This course extends students in vocal communication, characterisation, teamwork, confidence and self management skills.  There are a number of performance opportunities, where students will work collaboratively in small groups and a major class production. Students will explore different genres of theatre and use these in their application of drama conventions to convey messages and themes in their performance. Students will develop skills in collaboration, creativity, building of confidence, empathy and communication.  Studying Drama will benefit careers in law, medicine, project management, event organising, production management and the creative industries.

Course Overview

Term 1
Apply drama techniques in a scripted context. Students will develop techniques of voice, body, movement an use of space to create a credible character from a well known piece of theatre. Students will work collaboratively in small groups to apply the techniques and create a realistic ensemble performance.

Term 2
Perform a substantial acting role in a scripted production. Students will work collaboratively with the class to develop an acting role and perform a production to an audience. Students will learn to work as a team, receiving feedback and feed forward to develop their production under direction. Self management are a vital part of this learning process.

Term 3
Devise and perform drama to realise an intention. Students will create a script collaboratively to form an intention around a current societal issue. Students will work collaboratively in small groups to relate their ideas in a meaningful way.

Term 4
Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within live performance. Students will view a live and recorded performance to learn the process of analysis of aspects of drama. They will record the production aspects that have formed the directors intentions in realising a purpose for the production.

Learning Areas:

Performing Arts

Detailed Course Outline

Level 3 Drama

Level Two Drama leads on to Drama at Level three and benefits all of the performing arts. At level two Drama is analytical and requires critical thinking, examination of society and our place in it. You will work collaboratively to examine a theme, study a genre of theatre form from Elizabethan, Commedia dell'arte, or Physical Theatre. Drama is beneficial to career pathways in law, medicine, project management, event planning, production management and the creative industries.