Level 2 Vocational Pathways & Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms V. Heays

This is a Level 2 Unit Standards course aimed at students who are considering a vocational pathway. It provides students a chance to consider career options, develop employability skills, gain an understanding of the world of work and develop some life skills.  

Standards on offer are flexible and where possible will cater to each student's chosen pathway.  In addition to this students will develop practical skills such as CV writing, interviewing, career planning and some basic financial literacy skills. Where students demonstrate work readiness/basic employability skills they will be offered work experience opportunities.  The standards below are indicative ONLY of what is available.  Students can expect to be offered 20 credits in this class.

Learning Areas:

Careers Transition / Pre-employment


Gateway Programme, Level 3 Vocational Pathways & Education