Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr L. Toynbee

Recommended Prior Learning

Prior Learning: 15 credits in Level 2 Maths, including 91261, 91257 and 91262. Merit in these standards is essential.

Restriction: Students may not take Level 3 Mathematics

Note: Combining Calculus and Statistics & Modelling may qualify for 3 UE Subjects. (Calculus, Statistics & Mathematics)

This university approved course is for students who enjoy maths and can work at an advanced level. Mathematics with calculus is a specialist course that is designed for students following an academic pathway. It is essential that students who choose this course have strong algebra skills. This course covers advanced algebra, calculus and trigonometry concepts.

Teacher in Charge: Mr. L. Toynbee

Learning Areas: