Year 9 Drama Performance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Moran

Recommended Prior Learning

None required- all welcome.

This is a practical course focused on the essential speaking and movement skills associated with drama. The elements and techniques of Drama are taught so students can gain confidence in problem solving, group process and public speaking. Students work on short scripts to develop performance skills and are taught the process of creating their own scenes around important themes, relevant to them. The elements, techniques and conventions which students will learn are linked to the NCEA senior Drama curriculum which is a literacy based subject.




Teach a Drama Game with purpose

Students teach a game to the group to establish a Drama purpose/technique

Focus on managing self, leadership, public speaking and organising a group

Create a Character

Students develop process conventions to create a realistic character for a scripted drama

Managing self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing

Devise a Scene

Create a scene based around relevant social injustice issues


Relating to others


Course Overview

Term 1
Teach a Drama game with purpose- Learn public speaking skills while you manage a group.
Teach a skill and learn to engage a group of your peers.
Learn the techniques of Drama- voice , body, movement and use of space in pairs and small groups- perform a scripted scene in front of an audience.

Term 2
Learn the theatre form of 'Melodrama' and perform a whole class play to an invited audience.
Learn the performance technical aspects of drama through, lighting, sound, set design, prop management.
This 25 minute drama will be presented to peers and family.

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Option Subjects (Half year courses ), Performing Arts

Detailed Course Outline

Year 10 Drama

Year 9 Drama option provides a wonderful opportunity to be creative, build confidence and leadership skills, collaborate by working in small groups, communicate to problem solve and teaches empathy skills- all important 21st century learning skills.
You will learn to craft a theatre performance through creating a character, developing a scene and devising a purpose within your group. You will learn to lead through teaching theatre sports and develop your own script.