Year 9 Music Performance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Yorkstone

Recommended Prior Learning

Students selecting this course must be taking lessons on an instrument either through the college or privately.

Students selecting this course must have lessons on an instrument through the college or privately. 

This course will meet the needs of both beginners and those with prior music learning as students will gain skills to take them forward as musicians on their chosen instrument. They will create original music using a variety of technologies to express their imaginative ideas. Students will gain greater awareness of the importance of written notation and a deeper understanding of the importance of music in our lives through study of a major work.

Topics covered include: Performance on an instrument; identifying symbols of music/guitar tab; discussion and analysis of music by recognised artists; concentrated listening (aural skills); creating own music and writing this down in some form.

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Option Subjects (Half year courses ), Music, Performing Arts


Year 10 Music Performance