Year 9 Social Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. van der Velden

This course develops essential skills needed to be an active citizen in New Zealand and to succeed in NCEA. Skills include reading and writing, research and communication, critical thinking, group work and leadership.  Students will develop these skills by learning about the following themes of work:

  • Identity – Family, school and NZ history, culture and identity
  • Critical thinking – problem solving, analysing current issues
  • Government – different types of governments including democracy and dictatorship
  • Migration - why people move either by choice or without choice and the consequences of this.

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Compulsory Subjects, Social Sciences


Year 10 Accounting/Business, Year 10 Economics, Year 10 Future Focus & Problem Solving, Year 10 History & Classics, Year 10 Social Studies