Sports Academies

Sports Extension Programme – Rugby: In Years 12 and 13 selected students are invited to work with our rugby coaches and trainer in an endeavour to fulfilling their potential as a rugby player.  Students will up skill on all aspects of rugby, encompassing the six pillars of development: physical, mental, technical, tactical nutrition and personal leadership.

Junior Rugby Academy Full Year: Students who take this course would be identified as our top rugby players in the College.  They will be our potential 1st XV players and work with the Nelson College 1st XV coaches and trainer to achieve to their potential.  Couse includes technical, tactical, video review, etc.

 Junior Rugby Academy Half Year: This course is available to ALL boys playing rugby for Nelson College teams. 

 Junior Sports Academies: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball: Students who take this course must be identified as our top sportsmen in one of these codes. They would have the potential to be a Senior A sportsman in their chosen sport.  The course will consist of sports science sessions, small group skill sessions with resource coaches specific to the boys selected code and a coaching component.

Year 10 Sports/Rugby Academy Application Form

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