Level 1 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Moran

Students will work collaboratively in groups to study scripts and create their own scenes around a concept. Students will enhance their practical knowledge in devised theatre by developing techniques using movement, creativity, characterisation and performance skills. They will develop self-confidence with regards to performing and study the theory of theatre.

Course Overview

Term 1
Apply Drama techniques of voice, body, movement and use of space to create a character within a scene. Students will work in groups to apply techniques in a realistic and credible performance.
Students will learn to interpret a characters thoughts and motivations while learning to react to other characters in a performance scene.

Term 2
Perform an acting role in a scripted production. Students will have the opportunity to perform a short production with their peers for a live audience within the school term. They will develop theatre skills to create credible roles, self management and use technical skills of lighting, sound in production management.

Term 3
Devise and perform a drama. Students will work collaboratively to create a scene around the theme of social injustice. They will learn the conventions of theatre to create a scene that is meaningful to an audience which conveys a message around a current issue.

Term 4
Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance. Students will view a live and recorded performance to develop their understanding of theatre and the elements of a production. They will identify and describe the elements, conventions and aspects of a live performance. This is an external assessment in term four.

Learning Areas:

Performing Arts

Detailed Course Outline

Level 2 Drama

This course will lead on to Level 2 Drama and further depth of analysis, character development and use of conventions to create a message through performance. Skills will develop through collaboration, creativity, building of confidence, empathy and communication skills. Studying Drama will benefit careers in law, medicine, project management, event organising, production management and the creative industries.