English for Speakers of Other Languages

Junior ESOL- Years 9 and 10

These courses look at one core language skill focus per term, through the lens of media, literature, short stories, nonfiction, radio, music, poetry and film which are accessible to students at each level.

Senior ESOL

Classes in the senior school are now divided into two pathways: the Academic Pathway and the Practical Pathway. Students in senior classes work through a syllabus based upon core skills, completing a combination of unit and achievement standards. Initial placements of existing students in these courses are based upon teacher recommendations, looking at previous performance. Newly enrolled students complete a placement test based upon the English Language Learning Progressions. Each of these courses specifically target students’ existing skill levels, making the work set achievable, while providing opportunities for extension through optional extra standards. University literacy and NCEA credit requirements are covered in both streams in Years 12 and 13.