Vocational Pathways

Vocational Pathways

What are Vocational Pathways?
The Vocational Pathways align standards with six industries and help students see how their learning and achievement is valued in the ‘real world’.

Vocational Pathways
• Construction & Infrastructure
• Manufacturing & Technology
• Primary Industries
• Service Industries
• Social & Community Service
• Creative Industries

How to Achieve a Vocational Pathways Award
To achieve a Level 2 Vocational Pathway Award students need to:
• Achieve NCEA Level 2
• Meet the NCEA Literacy and Numeracy requirements (10 Numeracy/10 Literacy)
• Achieve 60 Level 2 credits from ‘recommended’ standards
• A minimum of 20 credits out of the 60 need to be from Sector Related Standards 

NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) is the minimum qualification that students need to achieve to show that they are ready to enter and progress to further study, training or work.

Achieving NCEA level 2 with Vocational pathways show students have:
• Achieved the required number of credits to achieve NCEA level 2
• Achieved the required industry related credits that align with a particular industry.
• A broad understanding of industry
• An interest or skills that relate to a particular industry

Students can use the Vocational Pathways to plan their studies, and there are many options. By mapping their pathway, students will be able to make an informed decision about their future and identify where their interests can take them.

A student’s Vocational Profile, found on their Record of Achievement, shows how their NCEA credits are mapped to Vocational Pathways. The Profile Builder is a clever tool that helps students to explore their study options and plan their programme.
Students can check out their Vocational Profile at 
www.nzqa.govt.nz/login/ or at www.youthguarantee.net.nz/voca... 
or see the Careers Advisor for more information.