Year 9


A broad balanced course, which is largely compulsory in structure to ensure a comprehensive introduction to the first year of secondary education and national curriculum requirements.


OPTIONS (Select One)

Full Year Courses

Half Year Options (3 hours/week)


English  OR  ESOL

Art Design


Drama Performance



Social Studies

Music Performance

Physical Education / Health

Te Reo Maori

Skills through Technology





Half Year Course



Arts Combo (Music, Art, Drama)

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Compulsory Courses

Option Courses 


Guidance Notes

 Arts Combo is a combined approach to the study of the Arts requirement of the National Curriculum where students will study a core course of six weeks in each Arts discipline.

  • The Physical Education/Health Education combination enables the PE Department to use creative timetabling to establish the best possible programme.
  • Skills through Technology provides students with a core course of four skills-based modules – Graphics, Technology, Design (Wood & Metal), Computer Digital Technology through which to experience the application of technology in society.
  • Future Focus & Problem Solving is an extension of the Social Science programme offered to the enrichment class and selected students.

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