Level 1 Media Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Naughton

This course is suited to students who are creative, who enjoy watching and analysing films as well as engaging with other media.  If you like writing, design, photography, animation or making films and like to analyse what you see in the media, you will also enjoy this subject.

Media Studies is a blend of theory and production. During this course you will design and create your own media product ( either a music video or a film trailer ), You will also study the superhero film genre and study the elements of film. 

This course will develop both your critical thinking skills and media production skills.

There is the opportunity for students to explore the New Zealand film industry through our Wellington trip. We look at news coverage in the Media room at Parliament, have hands on experience in a live TV studio at Capital E and get to see the props and costumes used in well-known films at Weta Workshop.

Course Overview

Term 1
Elements of Texts
AS 90990 1.2 Demonstrate understanding of selected elements of texts
Internal Standard 3 credits

The purpose of this assessment is for you to develop and hone skills as a media student and help you to critically analyse media texts as a craft with distinct parts or techniques that work together to create story and effect.

In order to achieve this standard you must demonstrate understanding of the use and effect of three elements of the chosen media text.

‘Media texts’ could be a part or a whole of a media product such as a:

• Television programme
• Radio programme
• Film
• Feature article
• Web page
• Music video

‘Elements’ means a range of features in media text(s), including:

• sound,
• editing,
• cinematography and
• mise-en-scene (props, costumes, lighting etc).

This assessment will be submitted as a portfolio.

Term 2
Let There be Music
AS 90993 1.5 V2 Produce a design and plan for a media product using a specified range of conventions
Internal Standard 3 credits

Assessment: Planning materials can be produced electronically or paper.

In this unit you will produce a plan for a 1.5-3 minute music video or trailer for an audience between the ages of 13-18 years old. We will begin by viewing and close reading a variety of music videos.

By the end of this unit you will be able to identify conventions of music video in order to make one, produce a storyboard and plan for your film. The standard assesses your ability to plan how at least five media conventions can be used to meet the conceptual and practical requirements of a brief.

Term 3
Music Video Production
AS 90994 1.6 V2 Complete a media product from a design and plan using a specified range of conventions
Internal Standard 6 credits

By the end of this unit you will have produced a narrative music video. As with all assessments it can be completed to an Achieved, Merit or Excellence standard.

The standard assesses your ability to use at least five media conventions in the production of a music video based on a design and plan. It also looks at how well you can use the technology of filming equipment and the editing software. There is equipment you are able to borrow through the department.

The nature of film production is that is cannot be completed in class time alone. You will need to use some of your own time. Above are some guidelines as to the expectations while completing the films/productions:

Term 4
The Superhero Genre
AS 90992 1.4 Demonstrate understanding of characteristics of a genre.
External Standard 4 credits

Assessment: In the external NCEA exam (essay) (School exams will be in August/final exam in November). This exam is offered digital and paper.

This standard asks you to demonstrate understanding of the characteristics of a specific media genre as demonstrated in specific media texts. In our instance this is the Superhero genre.

Characteristics of a media genre include aspects of the particular use of the shared stylistic, technical, symbolic, and/or narrative elements that comprise the conventions of a genre. In superhero, this is features such as the origin narrative, secret identity and strong moral code.

In this study we look to try to understand what the key characteristics of the genre are and how superhero films grow. We study the basic characteristics and how filmmakers use them to tell story and move narrative forward.

Once completed, you will be able to understand what a superhero film is and what the key genre characteristics are. You will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the key elements and what aspects of both science and humanity are revealed in these films.

Learning Areas:

English, Media Studies


Level 2 Media Studies

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Approximate cost is $380 for the optional, 3 day Wellington trip.